Efekto Zero Snail Bait

Aug 30, 2023 | Pesticide/ Insecticide, Products

Efekto Zero Snail is fast acting against snails and slugs. Our pellets contain naturally occurring sodium ferric, which helps to control these unwanted guests in all edible and non-edible plant areas.

Effective Bait Control
• Up to 3 weeks protection.
• No slime trails or visible dead snails or slugs.
• Use at the first sign of plant damage during late evening or early morning, when slugs are most active.

After consuming the bait, the snails and slugs stop feeding altogether. They will crawl into hiding and perish, leaving no unsightly trace of slime secretion. Efekto Zero Snail is biodegradable with no waiting time between application and harvest of edibles.

100g of Efekto Zero Snail will cover 100m2 (10g on 10m2)

Active Ingredient: Iron (Fe) 9.75 g/kg

Warnings: Use Only As Directed By The Product Label