Talborne Nourish Buds, Flowers and Fruit

Jun 26, 2023 | Fertilizer, Products

Talborne Nourish Buds, Flowers and Fruit 

Rich in natural Potassium and sugars for plant energy to stimulate buds and flowering.

Improves fruit quality, flavour, colour and ripening.

Improves plants resilience to climatic stress and pest and disease resistance.

Can be used for :


Shrubs, Trees, flowerbeds, Roses, Orchids, Aloes, Proteas, Fynbos, Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets.


Fruiting vegetables, Herbs, Berries, Fruit trees, Cannabis, Growing Systems and Container Gardens.

How to use.

Ornamentals – Feed to promote and extend flowering.

Edibles – Feed from before budding, through flowering and fruit formation until harvest.

Directions for use.

Mix 5ml per 1L of water

Use diluted product within 6 hours

Apply as a foliar spray or soil drench (Suitable for irrigation systems, drippers, micro-sprayers and fertigation

Feed every 14 days or as required.