TALBORNE Seedling Food

Mar 26, 2024 | Fertilizer, Products, Soil Additive

Talborne Seedling Food

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All-in-One Nitrogen and Potassium Feed:

  • Promotes continued flowering and crop resilience.

Where to Use:

  • Seedlings, Colour bags, Hanging baskets, Container plants.
  • Herbs and edible flowers.
  • Nurseries, growing systems, cuttings, and plantings in bags or pots.

How to Use:

  • Use at planting or as a broadcast feed for enhanced flower production.
  • Add to growing mediums, germination mixes, potting mixes, and lawn dressings.

More Information:

6.2.5 plant food to boost most crops, especially seedlings and herbs. Talborne Organic Seedling Food, comes in a 1 Kg bag. This is complete plant food, that wont burn seedlings and is environmentally friendly.

Scientifically formulated complete fertilizers which deliver high feeds of N, P, K (Group 1), minor, micro nutrients and carbon for productivity and quality. Low humus content. Organic nutrients are slowly released. Organic materials originate from animal and plant sources and natural mineral deposits.

Ideal for nurturing a variety of seedlings in vibrant hues, herbs, and nourishing hanging flowers.

An integrated blend of compost and nutrients, offering a mild scent, no risk of burning, and prolonging the flowering period.