Reasons Why Having Plants in Your Bathroom Is a Must

Apr 12, 2024 | Information

You might be familiar with the concept of placing plants in the shower for decorative purposes, but there are enormous physical and mental health benefits as well. Plants are natural air purifiers helping to breathe in a clean and toxin-free environment. Let’s learn some of the reasons why you must have plants in your bathroom.


Your bathroom can be a welcoming spot for mold growth. That’s because the constant humidity in the air makes an excellent breeding field for bacteria. While your plants can’t help the existing mold, they can easily prevent them. Plants absorb moisture present in the air, so there is only some humidity left in your bathroom when shower plants are placed in your bathroom. Decreased amount of moisture means little opportunity for mold to grow.


Numerous toxins are floating around the air in your living space. Even if you keep it clean, those harmful toxins are still present. Research reveals that the air around your home contains about five times the number of toxins than outdoor air. That’s because the heating and cooling devices recycle the air but don’t throw those pollutants out of your home. Fortunately, shower plants can help decrease a great number of toxins in the air. Air purifying plants filter harmful toxins and make the air cleaner for you to breathe in much easier.


The most obvious fact about housing plants in your shower is their beautiful appearance. Shower plants display an amazingly fantastic look to any corner of your bathroom and add a unique design style. The excellent thing is that you can choose plants according to the decorating scheme you have in mind. For instance, your plants, on the one hand, can turn your bathroom into a cozy farmhouse, and on the other side, a modern and chic decor can add a stunning look of your choice.


People believe that housing a living thing in every corner of your home is beneficial for your soul. Studies show that having indoor plants prove very advantageous for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Plants help reduce your stress, boost up your energy levels, and increase productivity. Plants lovers spend much of their time taking care of their plants, and they feel relatively much happier, lead healthier relationships and have improved memory and focus on work.


If you are also one of those poor souls who fail to keep their beloved houseplants alive for a longer time, getting a shower plant is the right option for you. The bathroom seems a perfect place to keep your plants as it provides them with a lot of moisture and adequate water at all times. Soon you will notice that your lovely indoor plants are enjoying the humid, steamy air of your bathroom and drink as much water as these plants require. Even if you forget to water your shower plants for a longer time, this indoor environment will let your plants thrive perfectly.


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