Makhro Smellaway Artificial Grass Concentrate

Aug 30, 2023 | Artificial Lawn

Add 150 ml of concentrate to 4ℓ of water.
Apply thoroughly to the smelly areas of your artificial grass.
The liquid solution of beneficial microbes will need to flush through the artificial grass and into the ground below. This is where the animal waste accumulates causing you smelly problems.

For small areas under 1m² add 100 ml of concentrate to a spray bottle with water.
Spray liberally onto the area of concern.

Rain Harvest Tank – If you have a rain harvest tank empty the contents of the 1ℓ concentrate into your tank, allow 30 min to mix, then wet your artificial grass liberally.

PLEASE NOTE: Application should only be done late afternoon or early evening. High temperatures will cause stress on the microbes which will reduce their ability to breakdown animal waste and other organic matter.