Water Retaining Solutions for New and Existing Gardens

Jan 18, 2023 | Plant Info

Many innovative water conservation methods have emerged and are being practiced all over the globe — some have been practiced for centuries and others are much newer, however each require different types of resources. Most of these methods provide additional benefits as well, including soil conservation and improvement, enhanced biodiversity, and increased yields. There really is no limit to how many of these methods can be practiced alongside each other and the techniques most efficient for your particular garden

Worried about how you can keep your garden alive or concerned about starting a new garden? DON’T BE!

Download our free guides of WATER RETENTION SOLUTIONS for new and existing gardens. Visit us in store at Starke Ayres Rosebank and West Coast Village for your free leaflet, expert horticultural advice as well as any of the mentioned products in the leaflets.

For new gardens, download our Guide here

For existing gardens, download our Guide here