Apr 25, 2022 | Pesticide/ Insecticide, Products

 width=KOMBAT TERMITES is a bait, in granular form, for the control of Northern harvester termites on lawns, lucerne, fields, wheat fields, around lucerne stores, haystacks and pastures.

Ensure that the labourers or application machinery does not smell of bone meal, ish meal, tobacco, fats, oils, petrol or other strong smelling substances. Bait will repel termites if contaminated with minute quantities of sharp smelling substances. Avoid wet conditions because rain destroys the bait.
Target: The harvester termite Hodotermes mossambicus which does not build mounds. 1g/m2 (10kg/ha per application)

Scatter around the foraging holes while termites are intensely foraging. Do not apply more than they will carry in that day. They are most active from 11.00 to sundown, especially from May to August. Repeat 2-4 days later and again 10 days after that in case the harvesting has not stopped. As the brown adults die off, only the white nymphs will come to forage. 2-4 well-timed applications will probably control the colonies. However spot treatment may have to continue where on large areas the one or other nest has been overlooked. Avoid application during wet weather conditions.