Easter symbolizes rebirth and hope, so having blooming plants indoors or giving them as gifts echoes the spirit of the season. Our indoor plant areas boasts with a wide selection from Anthuriums, Chrysanthemums, Phalaenopsis , African Violet and the ever popular Spathiphyllum.

Plant winter bulbs from April to May for a spring show. From the fragrant Freesias to the ever showy Daffodils, Ranunculus, Dutch Iris and Anemone. Bulbs are available now.

Winter flowering seedlings that can delight all gardens are Dwarf Dahlia’s , Fragrant Stocks, taller delicate Queen anne’s lace, Viola’s, Pansies and for the shade colourful Cineraria or Primulas.

How about planting some winter veggies like broccoli, broad beans, peas, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, onions and turnips.

Ants are very busy now and can be controlled by a sprinkle of Kombat Ant Nest Granules or using Kombat Tag Bait stations. The ants will take the bait into their nests controlling the colony at the source. For ease of use the Kombat Ants RTU ( Ready to use) refillable hand applicator which you can apply around windows or door frames to keep them out or onto their trails to reduce their numbers.

Feed citrus trees with Magnesium Sulphate and a healthy dose of Talborne 3:1:5. Signs of the leaves turning yellow is normally diagnosed as a lack of Micro-elements. Apply Trelmix either as a foliar feed or soil drench to plants to correct the imbalance.

It’s a great time to refresh your hanging baskets to cheer up your winter patio by planting your favourite Pansy or Viola. Apply Starke Ayres Plantfood 3 :1:6 (46 ) monthly to ensure maximum blooms. Succulent enthusiasts can also experiment by planting up waterwise hanging baskets.

Start reviving your lawn by removing all dead leaves and applying a thin layer of Lawn Dressing. Plan for those moments when we get that occasional rain and have your organic 2:3:2 ready. Feeding before winter will strengthen the roots and will promote root growth during autumn.

April is normally the start of the onslaught of snails. Snails love the youngest, tender leaves on your new plantings, so remember to scatter some Organic Biogrow Ferramol Snail pellets around your vegetable seedlings.