Capturing rainwater in Certified Food Grade quality WATER TANKS remains a sound financial investment for homeowners. How welcome and blessed are our dams, beloved fynbos and gardens with the magnificent rainfall yesterday evening and the spectacular lighting and thunder that heralded its arrival.

Sadly this is not all good news for homeowners, as yesterday City of Cape Town announced a 27% increase in water rates effective 1st July’18.

Rainfall capture calculator:

1mm of rainfall over 1 sq.meter of roof = 1 liter of water Therefore when calculating the tank capacity you require to hold the water from a particular gutter and down pipe measure roughly the sq. meterage of the roof above it:

· 10 meters x 12 meters = 120meters sq. roof and multiply this by the amount of water that fell

· (Or is measured by your rain gauge , which if you do not have one now is a good time to aquire).

· 120sq.m x 7mm rainfall last night = 840 liters of free quality pure drinking rainwater.

*Let’s face it that is an immediate saving we can all benefit from!

Starke Ayres Garden Centres offers Food Grade Quality Water Tanks – so as not to pollute your drinking water that may be used in the household.

Please call Starke Ayres Garden Centre Rosebank or West Coast Village for a tank, pump, filter and UV water cleaning solution that works for you.

From the Starke Ayres Management and staff, thank you ever so much for your kind and continued support over the trying Summer months and we wish you and your family a blessed Easter.