Other than Indian Lime, Cape Rough and Eureka Lemons one of 5 most sought after citrus trees amongst restaurants, keen gardeners and chefs are the Thaior Kaffre Lime tree. This lemon tree is unlike any other and having not had stock for over 9 years and been waiting for 3 years to receive our order. Ideal for a container, a trending evergreen gift for apartment, balcony, patio, courtyard or garden stock has finally arrived.

On limited offer promotion in Starke Ayres Garden Centres and ending after the Easter weekend in Both Stores Were: R 301.90 – PROMOTIONAL PRICE: R 225

What makes the citrus clearly identifiable is the foliage or the leaf and the wrinkly fruit. As with all citrus the blossoms are fragrant and the lemon as well as foliage used in cooking. To find out more see our attached information leaflet or pop in to visit us in one of our store.