Organic 3.1.5

Apr 27, 2022 | Fertilizer, Products

 width=Organic 3.1.5 is a natural blend of enriched organic fertiliser which promotes healthy root and plant growth and stimulates prolific fruit and flower development and provides essential nutrients to new and established plants.

Organic 3.1.5 promotes healthy root and plant growth.

Roses and Flowering Shrubs:
Apply 150g evenly around each bush or shrub in early spring.
Rake in lightly.Water well.
Repeat every six weeks.

Flower and Vegetable Beds:
Apply 150g per square meter to well prepared beds.
Rake in lightly.
Water well.
Repeat every six weeks thereafter.

Fruit Trees:
Apply 500g per year of the age of the tree to a maximum of 4kg in the drip area of the tree.
Apply 1/3 in autumn and 2/3 in spring.
Water well after each application.