If you’ve missed tuning into FMR 101.3fm @ 7:45am on Saturday morning to listen to the Garden Chat with Sandy Munroe, click on the link below to listen to the podcast.
The Starke Ayres Garden Chat is a comment on a more natural approach to gardening. It covers all aspects of everyday gardening practice with the emphasis on soil management, utilizing the correct plant material and following an environmental code of conduct. The aim is to bring both garden and gardener into the natural realm. It is important for us to know the impact our gardens are having on the environment as a whole, so that we can play a positive role. | www.starkeayresgc.co.za

*If you can’t tune into FMR 101.3fm @ 7:45am on Saturday morning, you can always listen to the podcast via the FMR website or here on our Facebook page when each week we share the previous Saturday’s chat.