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Gardening Tips for July
03 July 2014

It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s dull outside. But July is a great month to start prep work and get some pruning done so that come spring, your garden is ready to flourish...

Bonsai Consultant - Saturday Visits
02 July 2014

Bonsai consultant Judi, from Bonsaiboyz, visits each Saturday (except the last Saturday of each month) from 10h00 to 14h00 to help with your bonsai needs...

Container Gardening
02 July 2014

With the right soil, regular watering and a bit of sunshine almost anything will prosper in a container. This is great news for those without a garden...

Carnivorous Plants
02 July 2014

Starke Ayres Garden Centre caters for the individual who wants a single Venus fly trap, the beginner and the enthusiast who is looking for rare carnivorous plant for their home or business...

Carbon Gardening
01 July 2014

Carbon gardening is about gardening in a way that understands the carbon footprint associated with various gardening products...

Companion Planting
01 July 2014

Before synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, gardeners and farmers had to rely on natural growing methods to produce healthy plants. In natural conditions, plants grow in close communities with a number of different species existing side by side...

Bold Brassicas
01 July 2014

This group of plants, belonging to the mustard family, Brassicaceae, includes the popular and commonly grown vegetables such as include cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts cabbage, kale, mustard and turnips...

Pretty Parsley
01 July 2014

Not only does this pretty little plant look great in the garden, it also helps with garlic-breath... 

Butterflies in Your Garden
01 July 2014

Butterflies will start to frequent your garden if you make a cosy, safe environment for them...

Gardening Tips for June
02 June 2014

It’s not much fun in the garden this month … the soil is wet, soggy and difficult to work with. But there is still gardening hope..

Brilliant Buchu
01 June 2014

Buchu is a South African common name given to a number of shrubby species with aromatic leaves from the citrus family, Rutaceae... 

Bulbine frutescens
01 June 2014

The neat compact growth and mass of yellow flowers makes Bulbine frutescens a popular garden plant. Additionally, it is a natural antiseptic...

King Protea
01 June 2014

The flower representing an entire nation, the floral manifestation of a king… it sounds somewhat like a fairy-tales, but in the Cape Floristic Kingdom it is the Protea King that rules

Weekly Restaurant Specials
01 June 2014

Starke Ayres Restaurant, at our West Coast Village branch, is celebrating all those wonderful mothers this month.

Each week in May there will be a fresh, creative and delicious new meal special. Click here to like us on Facebook - keep an eye on our page for details:   

Click here to view the regular menu. 

Herbs for Potting
31 May 2014

Planting herbs in a pot is a creative alternative to the ground for those who are lacking the space of a garden, or if you just want to add some spice to the herb patch...

Join us at the Reforest Festival
09 May 2014

Join the Treevolution - We are going to the Reforest Festival with Greenpop 

Have you got your Reforest Fest ticket yet?
- If YES - pop in to Starke Ayres Garden Centre, present your ticket/s, and receive a free bag of Reliance Compost. 1 lucky ticket holder will go into a draw to WIN another ticket for a friend, compliments of Starke Ayres.
- If NO - you can stand a chance to WIN 2 tickets by answering an easy question on our Facebook page. Click here to enter the competition. 
Click here for ticket information and festival details...
Gardening Tips for May
02 May 2014

Mother’s Day is celebrated this month and what better way to spoil the mothers out there than to present them with bunches of freshness straight from the garden? ...

Sweet Peas
02 May 2014

The wild sweet pea, Sphenostylis angustifolia, is endemic to the northern provinces of South Africa and Swaziland. It is especially common in the Highveld where it receives plenty of sunshine, as well as frost in winter months...

Gardening Tips for April
02 April 2014

With all the public holidays, Easter excitement and gallivanting celebrations that April holds, the garden may need our attention...

02 April 2014

 Watsonias are mostly fynbos plants, enjoying the Mediterranean climate of the Cape, although there are a few species scattered in other areas of South Africa...

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