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Gardening Tips for April
02 April 2014

With all the public holidays, Easter excitement and gallivanting celebrations that April holds, the garden may need our attention...

02 April 2014

 Watsonias are mostly fynbos plants, enjoying the Mediterranean climate of the Cape, although there are a few species scattered in other areas of South Africa...

Herbs for Potting
02 April 2014

 Planting herbs in a pot is a creative alternative to the ground for those who are lacking the space of a garden, or if you just want to add some spice to the herb patch...

Lawn Maintenance
02 April 2014

Lush green lawn is the very foundation of a beautiful garden - it shows up the colours of the flowers and shrubs and enhances the architecture of the house...

Starke Ayres Landscaping
01 April 2014

Whether it's indigenous, exotic, prime-and-proper or just el-natural with a bit of flair, our Landscaping Division does it all!

Carbon Gardening
01 April 2014

Carbon gardening is about gardening in a way that understands the carbon footprint associated with various gardening products...

Companion Planting
01 April 2014

Before synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, gardeners and farmers had to rely on natural growing methods to produce healthy plants. In natural conditions, plants grow in close communities with a number of different species existing side by side...

Beautiful Beetroot
01 April 2014

Since the Middle Ages, beetroot has been used as a treatment for a variety of conditions, especially illnesses relating to digestion and the blood...

01 April 2014
This well-known and much-loved herb is not only used for water-wise gardening, but is also great in cooking, as a herbal tea or even a hair rinse...

Herbs for the Body
01 April 2014

 Herbs for the Body Starke Ayres Garden Centre Cape Town nursery plants flowers restaurant soil seeds landscaping products services...

Gardening Tips for March
03 March 2014
As the weather cools and the soil temperature drops, post-summer gardening options become available...
02 March 2014

Few salads are complete without a crispy leaf or ten... 

Bonsai Madness
02 March 2014

 Bonsai is a living art form as well as a horticultural practice steeped in ancient traditions. 

There are the basic styles that have developed in the East over many centuries, offering a comfortable guide to the practice, yet there is still the freedom to be creative with one’s own unique design...

Pesticide Safety
01 March 2014

Safety is your responsibility!

Know how to safely apply pesticides in the garden and in the house.

Water-Wise Gardening
01 March 2014

Water-wise gardening cuts down on watering while still preserving the beauty and diversity of a garden...

Gardening for Kids
01 March 2014

Learn how to make your own compost, grow a tree, sow seeds, discover what fruit does, discover what flowers do, grow a plant from food, paint a pot plant, grow your own fresh salad, grow your own fresh tomatoes, track your garden snails, build a wormery and go on a scent trail...

Garden Elements
01 March 2014

All you need to know about pollination, compost, worms, photosynthesis, how plants spread seeds, weeds, scent plants and insects...

Starting a Veggie Garden
01 March 2014

A trend for food gardening has developed with the growth of the organic movement...

Gardening Talks at West Coast Village
01 March 2014

Join us at our West Coast Village branch for our monthly gardening talks....

Gardening Tips for February
07 February 2014

The depths of summer and its heat is here! But the temperatures can be rather intense this time of year and it is important to water the garden regularly in the early morning or late evening... 

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