Gaura lindheimeri
Gaura lindheimeri or Butterfly Gaura is fresh, airy and pretty, adding a touch of lightness to your hot summer garden.  The plant hails from Texas and Mexico.  

This low perennial with flower spikes of up to 1 metre makes a lovely border plant and the softly cascading spikes will lighten up a wall or fence all summer long like a cloud of butterflies.  

Gauras grow in full sun to partial shade in composted, well drained soil.  Once established the long tap root ensures that it is fairly drought tolerant.  At the end of summer cut back the spent flower spikes to ground level.  Besides self-seeding prolifically the rootball can be divided but this is not recommended as the tap root is best left undisturbed.  

Besides the very popular white G.lindheimeri  a number of darker pink cultivars like Gaura ‘Siskyou Pink’and  Gaura ‘Crimson Butteflies’ have been developed.  These plants tend to be a little more compact with shorter flower spikes and flowers range from light to dark pink, sometimes with red foliage.