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National Honeybee Foraging Week
22 September 2014

Celebrate Heritage Day 2014 by planting honeybee-friendly plants...

Arbor Month
02 September 2014

Arbor Month celebrates spring and all the beauty that it brings, promoting the planting and maintenance of indigenous trees throughout South Africa...

Get involved in our Spring Greening Initiative with Greenpop and Reliance Compost. We also have some great September Specials on offer... 

Spring Daisies
02 September 2014

The colourful blooms of spring wild flowers along South Africa’s West Coast transform this part of the country from its usual starkness with breathtakingly beauty...

Butterflies in Your Garden
02 September 2014

Butterflies will start to frequent your garden if you make a cosy, safe environment for them...

Spring Greening
02 September 2014

Get involved in our Spring Greening Initiative with Greenpop and Reliance Compost. We also have some great September Specials on offer... 


Osteospermums & Dimorphotheca
01 September 2014

Some of the common Namaqua or spring daisies found along the West Coast belong to the genera Dimorphotheca and Osteospermum...

Gardening Tips for September
01 September 2014

For most people, September is synonymous with spring-time...

01 September 2014

 The genus Arctotis comprises one of the many spring-flowering beauties in southern Africa belonging to the family Asteraceae... 

01 September 2014

Nemesias like sun and well-drained sandy soils, making them perfect for the Cape. When flowering occurs early spring a shimmering colourful display always impresses...

Vygies Mesembs
01 September 2014

The plants belonging to the family Mesembryanthemaceae make up a large and unique group of southern Africa’s flora, especially in the more arid parts where they are adapted with low growth forms and fleshy succulent leaves. Common names include “mesembs” or the popular Afrikaans word “vygie”.

Jerusalem Artichokes
01 September 2014

These tuberous perennials are from America and have a sweet flavour, much like a potato.

Bonsai Consultant - Saturday Visits
01 September 2014

Bonsai consultant Judi, from Bonsaiboyz, visits one of our branches each Saturday from 10h00 to 14h00 to help with your bonsai needs (first three Saturday at Rosebank; last Saturday at West Coast Village)...

31 August 2014

Camellias are slow growers but can live for up to 30 years. If planted in acidic soils in shady areas, they will produce wonderful winter colour to keep you smiling throughout the drab months...

02 August 2014

Beetroot was originally used for headaches and toothaches. Today, however, beetroot is enjoyed in more pleasant circumstances...

Gardening Tips for August
02 August 2014

We've passed the winter solstice and it’s time to start getting excited for longer days, warmer weather and everything else that goes with the coming of spring...

02 August 2014

Rocket is much cheaper to grow than buying in the shops. It is a fast grower and does well alongside lettuce, radishes and spring onion – a great companion plant...

Carnivorous Plants
02 August 2014

Our Rosebank branch caters for the individual who wants a single Venus fly trap, the beginner and the enthusiast who is looking for rare carnivorous plant for their home or business...

Edible Flowers
01 August 2014

The secret to success when using edible flowers is to keep the dish simple, do not add too many flavours as these will overpower the delicate taste of the flower...

Bold Brassicas
01 August 2014

This group of plants, belonging to the mustard family, Brassicaceae, includes the popular and commonly grown vegetables such as include cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts cabbage, kale, mustard and turnips...

Pretty Parsley
01 August 2014

Not only does this pretty little plant look great in the garden, it also helps with garlic-breath... 

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