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Organic Vegetable Market
04 October 2014

Our first organic vegetable market was such a success that we are extending it to cover two more Saturdays this month.

Visit Starke Ayres Garden Centre, Rosebank, on Saturday 4th and Saturday 25th October for your wholesome organic veggies...

Gardening Tips for October
03 October 2014

The weather really starts heating up this month, saying goodbye to winter rains in the Cape and hello to perfect planting conditions for the gardener...

Worm Tea on Tap
03 October 2014

Live Worm Tea is now available at Starke Ayres Garden Centre, Rosebank - fertilize as nature intended ...

Diamond in the Dust COMPETITION
03 October 2014

Have you entered our exciting Diamond in the Dust competition yet?

Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend - they’re a gardener’s best friend this month...

Bean Kits for Kids
02 October 2014
We have an exciting selection of organically seeded Heritage Beans -  these kits are great for the kids to grow in the garden, a pot or a planter.
Beans take 70 to 90 days to bear, so if you start growing now they will be ready to harvest mid-December ... a great activity for the school holiday!
Medicinal Plants
01 October 2014

 Medicinal plants often have strongly scented leaves. This fragrance comes from chemicals in the leaves...

Bulbs for Summer
01 October 2014

With the exception of dahlias, all summer bulbs should be planted before the end of October. These include gladioli, begonias, the pink arum Zantedeschia rehmannii and the Amaryllis family (hippeastrum in particular)...

Celebrate Celery
01 October 2014

Not only does it have celebrity status among dieters, celery is also great for an all-round healthy system...

Sowing Summer Seeds
01 October 2014

Late spring is the time to sow your summer seeds, especially for your veggie garden...

Gardening for Birds
01 October 2014

Birds, bees and other fluttering creatures not only fill novel and aesthetic needs but also play a significant role in pollen distribution...

Effective Micro-Organisms
01 October 2014

Effective Micro-organism (EM) Technology is a term given to a few organisms that mainly work anaerobically i.e. without needing oxygen...

01 October 2014

Pelargoniums are popular garden plants. The genus boasts a variety of growth forms, from shrubbery to succulents...

Beans, Beans, Beans
01 October 2014

Beans, beans, beans, where to start? Well, as summer kicks in and you find yourself a little busy, at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing that beans are one of the easiest and most rewarding veg to plant, requiring little effort on your part...

National Honeybee Foraging Week
22 September 2014

Celebrate Heritage Day 2014 by planting honeybee-friendly plants...

Arbor Month
02 September 2014

Arbor Month celebrates spring and all the beauty that it brings, promoting the planting and maintenance of indigenous trees throughout South Africa...

Get involved in our Spring Greening Initiative with Greenpop and Reliance Compost. We also have some great September Specials on offer... 

Spring Daisies
02 September 2014

The colourful blooms of spring wild flowers along South Africa’s West Coast transform this part of the country from its usual starkness with breathtakingly beauty...

Butterflies in Your Garden
02 September 2014

Butterflies will start to frequent your garden if you make a cosy, safe environment for them...

Spring Greening
02 September 2014

Get involved in our Spring Greening Initiative with Greenpop and Reliance Compost. We also have some great September Specials on offer... 


Osteospermums & Dimorphotheca
01 September 2014

Some of the common Namaqua or spring daisies found along the West Coast belong to the genera Dimorphotheca and Osteospermum...

Gardening Tips for September
01 September 2014

For most people, September is synonymous with spring-time...

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